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Since I live in the middle of Skåne – or Scania as it may be called by English speaking people – and blog I decided to some like a local posts of my area.

Skåne county is the southernmost county of Sweden and are pretty small. Almost a square 100 by 100 km. In this small area we have squeezed in 1.34 million Swedes, and a few mooses. In Swedish the county is called Skåne, but may internationally be called Scania instead. Just so we do not confuse it with the Swedish truck company I will write Skåne further on.

In Skåne we have Swedens third largest city, Malmö and lots of smaller towns and villages. Many of them worth visiting. Since we are a peninsula we have the sea on three sides. Connected to the west by bridge we have Copenhagen and Denmark. This gives us also easy access to Kastrup, one of the larger airports in the area with international flights from all over the world. It is less than half an hour by train from Kastrup to Malmö and then as easy with train or bus to the rest of the county.

I will add more and more information about Scania from a local perspective further down. So check in regularly for more information.

What to do in Skåne


Skåne has several thousand km of Hiking trails. Combine this with the Right of Public Access and the diverse nature and it will be a dream place for hikers. Do not expect any really advanced or hard hikes. But more relaxes with focus on the beautiful nature.