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This is a short list of my jourmeys and which one I plan to do in the near future. I will add links to relevant blog posts after I have written them. So keep coming back and see what’s been added!

Planned and booked

November 2019 – Gran Canaria

September 2019 – Rome

Previous trips

August 2019 – Vienna

May 2019 – Nantes

This trip to Nantes has been one of my better travels. I loved the city and the people, there was great nature och enough stuff to do and explore

I have written a post about why you should travel to Nantes instead of Paris.

April 2019 Paris

March 2019 – Seville

December 2018 – Tenerife

November 2018 – Barcelona

September 2018 – Naples

September 2018 – Brussels

August 2018 – Milan

July 2018 – Berlin

June 2018 – The Hague