Me at Schneeberg, Austria
Me out hiking Schneeberg, Austria

For forty years I had not really traveled, not really been the tourist. Then something happened, or rather enough friends had asked me why I did not like to travel and kept recommending lots of places to experience that something had to snap. On the other hand, I have dreamt of a few travels. Like walking on a glacier on Iceland, mountaineering in the Alps or visiting an active volcano like Etna.

But it took me a long time until I took the first trembling steps on the path of Aimless Walking. More on why I choose that name later, and I will probably dedicate a complete post – or several on it.

Me, me and only me

Some would probably say that I am in my middle age, something I have a hard time to relate with. Middle age? Me? Phaw! I feel young, and that should be enough.

So, I am a young traveler that hit my 41:st birthday in February 2019. Young in mind and young in body, I think. Some salespersons asked me if I was married or happy, and I can always happily answer that I am not miserable and thus, happy. Single has become a way of life for me, and it does make my happy. Single without kids are even better for my happiness, and with a horde of nephews and nieces I can say that I get enough of kids.

My home country is Sweden. I am a little ashamed to say that I have traveled more outside of Sweden than in my own country.

Solo traveler

It is not necessary to be a solo traveler just because you are single, there are after all friends too. But I have found that I love the freedom of traveling by myself. I can choose my own destination, travel when I feel like it, choose activities and restaurant without considering anyone else. Or just stay indoors if I have a bad day. That’s freedom!


I also happen to be part of the LGBT community. It is something that affects my journeys and which destinations I choose. I will probably write something about in later posts but it is not my primary focus with this blog. It does however makes my a little more sensitive of safety and general diversity.