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4WD car in vineyard

Ever considered visiting Barcelona off season? Do you think high season are to warm and to crowded? I would agree with you! Read on about why November is the best month for a trip to Barcelona.

During November it will not be as hot as the summer, of course. I do not like to much heat and travel throughout northern and middle Europe during Summer. But on the colder month south Europe is so much more pleasurable for me, and probably for you too. Barcelona will in November have an average day temperature of 18 °C. Makes it easy to walk a lot, and even do some hiking without sweating. Sitting in the sun are really comfortable.

It’s cheap

One of the main reasons to visit Barcelona in November is of course the cost. Most things will be cheaper during the off season. There will still be lots of flights from all over Europe and the World to Barcelona, and the cost are low. From Copenhagen to Barcelona a return flight will cost 120 € in November and much more during high season. Use Skyscanner or your favorite search tool for flights to find the cheapest dates.

Hotels will also be cheaper. It will be a lot easier to find a more luxurious hotel with reasonable prices or a more centrally located hotel for a low cost. Check out the cheapest places in Barcelona to stay on hotels.com.

Less tourists, more local experience

You want Barcelona for yourself? Well, not really. But compared to the main and shoulder season there are not that many tourists in Barcelona. Walking along La Rambla will be a pleasure, and the Gothic Quarters will not be crowded at all. Sometimes you will be all alone without anybody in sight. Of course the lines to all attractions and interesting places to visit are shorter.

Barcelona beach during November
Empty Barcelona beach during November

With less tourists it will be easier to experience the authentic and local Barcelona. If you want more genuine food, look for restaurants on the side streets with longer lines. That’s where the locals eat. Try it out! It will also be easier to connect with locals and get a better experience of Barcelona.

It will probably be to cold in the water for a bath, if you are not used to colder water like us up in the north. I’d definitely take a swim in the sea in November. With water temperature between 15 and 20 degrees I would not hesitate. The beaches will be virtually empty of people so you will have it all by yourself. On the other hand, most bars and restaurant along the beach will be closed too. But they are mostly tourist traps anyway. Take the chance to enjoy the beach mostly by yourself.

Best time for a wine tour

Riding 4WD cars through the vineyards
Riding 4WD cars through the vineyards

October and November are the months grapes are usually picked, exactly when are dependent on the weather. If you want see vines heavy with grapes or the picking itself this is a perfect time to visit Barcelona. Any wine tour will be an excellent experience. And this being Spain a cava tour even better. Why not combine them and take a wine and cava tour? I did!

It was a pleasure seeing the vineyards and wineries. The wine cellars was a new experience I will not forget, several millions bottles of wines in four subbasements. The tastings was great and interesting, cava better than wine of course.

What you shouldn’t miss in Barcelona

Some things are a must in Barcelona,. and can be done regardless of season. But most things are easier done in low seasons, with less lines and crowds. One main item is of course a cava tour as I mentioned above. It can not be repeated enough.

Architecture by Gaudi

La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia

If you wander around in Barcelona you will soon see a few very different buildings. They have no straight lines, but are more curvature and natural in their design. These are designed by the catalonian architect Antoni Gaudi. I find these buildings especially beautiful. You can either try to find each and every one of them by your self, or take guided tour of them.

Most notable and not to missed are the Sagrada Família and Park Güell.


Whenever I visit Spain I try to see a flamenco show. Sometimes a larger production most often something small and local. This is of course something you have to do in Barcelona too. Try to find a smaller tablaos and enjoy the show with some tapas.

Ice bar at the beach

Bar in the Barcelona ice bar
Bar in the Barcelona ice bar

Sure, ice bars are not unique and maven be a little tacky. But I like them. Especially the one in Barcelona, the first ice bar at the beach. Start with a visit at the ice bar and enjoy the chilly temperature. When you done, take a step out and be ready for the beach on the other side of the door.


I always recommend everyone to book an experience with eatwith, and I will keep doing it. This is a perfect way to experience great local food, hosted by locals. When I visited Barcelona I had not one, but two experiences with eatwith. One of them was a little more commercial eighth course meal with Rudi. Not as local, but a fantastic experience that I recommend. If I travel to Barcelona again I will seriously consider another booking with Rudi.

Eatwith is pretty popular in Barcelona, with lots of hosts and many interesting experiences. Head over to their homepage and book whatever catch your tastebuds!

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