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Geological introduction

The southern tip och Sweden, called Skåne or Scania if you want to be international, has a very diversified nature that differs from the rest of Sweden. Geological Skåne is divided in two distinct sections by the Sorgenfrei Tornquist suture zone from the north west to the south east. This zone has seen several episodes of movement during the last 500 million years. This has lead to a few volcanic events, that I can dedicate a future post on, and that the area to the SW of the Sorgenfrei-Tornquist zone was split of from the Baltic craton and started to tilt. As a consequence during the million years sediments has accrued to the southwest giving a different geological setting to the ancient bedrock that underlays the rest of Scandinavia.

Ops, as you can see I have had a few courses in geology and a large interest in the area. My bad. Lets get back to hiking and hiking trails in Skåne. I’ll reference the above geological analysis, so keep it in mind.

Right of Public Access

In Skåne there are probably several thousand km of hiking trails. Of which only Skåneleden are in total 1 250 km long. If you add to that recreational areas managed by Region Skåne and the local municipals the total length will quickly be very large.

When hiking in Sweden it is a good idea to first read up in Allemansrätten, the Right of Public Access. This is pretty unique for Sweden, that public access to all nature are a right that can not be denied by private ownership. This of course come with rules that should be strictly adhered to. We like our public access and as long as we do not disturb or destroy nature and others property we will keep it. Please be not that douche dude and litter.


Bridge over Rönne å
Bridge over Rönne å, one of the major streams of Scania

Skåneleden is the main hiking trail in this area. It is divided in five large subtrails with a total length of 1 250 km further divided in 107 day hikes. The day hikes has different difficulties from very east to harder with hilly terrain. But nothing to hard for an experiences hiker. Normally there are camp sited with shelter, water, fireplace and a toilet between each stage, something that makes longer multi day hikes easier.

Skåneleden is a very good choice for longer hikes. If you prefer circular day hikes this is not he best choice. Though there are a few circular stages too.

Hovs hallar and Bjäre peninsula

Hovs hallar are the northwest peninsula on Skåne. Here Skånleden forms two circular routes with a total length of about 100 km that are worth hiking. This part of Skåne are more distinct with higher beautiful cliffs.

Look up subtrails 15 to 21 on Skåneleden for maps and more in depth information. If you plan to hike here it is possible to take the train to Ängelholm or Båstad. Then find somewhere to sleep here and have one of these small towns as your staging point. If you do this you do not have to drive anywhere.


Söderåsen is one of the main horsts that has formed due too the movement of the Sorgenfrei-Tornquist zone. The nature here are more dramatic with several beautiful rift valleys. Due to the unique nature and geology this are has one of Swedens major national parks and several nature reserves.

This area is located pretty much in the center of Skåne and are most easily reached by car.

Söderåsen national park

View from Kopparhatten
View from Kopparhatten

This is the place of the most dramatic rift valley with a diverse nature. The national park has several well parked circular routes ranging from just 900 meters to 7,7 km with a few of them adapted for disabled people. There is also a visitor center and a restaurant. An area well worth a day or three.

You can get here by bus, or most easily by car.

Well hidden in the eastern part of the national park you can find one of the westernmost volcanic residues called Rallate. It is only 110 millions years old.

Klåveröd recreational area

Snuvestuan, a small cave in Klåveröd recreational area

You will reach Klåveröd most easily by car or hiking from Söderåsen national park. They are directly connected by Skåneleden and it is pretty easy to hike between them. In Klåveröd you can find eight trails ranging from 2 km up to 5,3 km. It is possible to connect several of them to reach greater length. Here you will find Höjehall, the highest point on Söderåsen. On a day with clear weather you are able to the Öresund bridge from up here.

Another smaller recreation areas on Söderåsen Finstorp. Klöva Hallar are another beautiful rift valley and nature reserve you can find on the northern side of Söderåsen.

Like a Local

If you are hiking like a local it will be mostly shorter day hikes or just an hour or three anywhere on these and other trails. Some trails are specifically for mountain bikes and some are for riding. It is also not unusual to see Swedes with there dogs out in the forest of course.

A common activity on weekends are to take the family or friends out to one of the shelters and fireplaces along the routes for some barbecue or fika. Maybe combine it with some games or why not fishing! But do not forget to buy a fishing permission first.

Do you have any favorite hiking trails in Skåne that I should add?

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