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Kristianopel, Sweden

There is always a before, even a before the first solo trip. Well, I did even travel solo before my first solo trip but for different reasons, to different destinations and in different ways. This is the story of my before.


I live in Sweden so it might not be that strange that I have traveled pretty extensively here. Or maybe it may be, it does seem like many do not travel all that much. But mostly I have either traveled with my family when I was younger or later on for work. I have been to many parts of Sweden during my travels, but never to the northern half. A hiking trip for Kebnekaise would be a wonderful future trip.


Since I live in the far southern part of Sweden it is less than an hour for me to get to Denmark. Either be train over the Öresund bridge or a shorter trip by ferry. We Swedes in this part of the country generally travel to Denmark to buy our alcohol when we are young. So much cheaper. And nowadays I travel from Copenhagen airport when I travel out to Europe.

There is probably so much more to see in Denmark. I have not even had a guided tour in Copenhagen or visited any of the beautiful castles in Denmark. That is something I have to change one of these days. At least it is close enough for day trips.


Norway is a little different, I have mostly been there for two reasons. When I was a teenager I had a two longer trips there for fishing with my older brothers. Later on I got work for a company which had me commute to Oslo for half a year.

Norway is also a country I would like to explore more. Visit Bergen, go for a hike or three in Lofoten or hike Galdhøpiggen.


I lived for a time in Stockholm and during that time I did three day cruises with my then partner. Twice to Finland, Åbo and Helsinki and once to Tallinn in Estonia.

If I am to be honest then Finland is not on the list of countries to visit. It doesn’t pop up enough. Two day tours will do. Estonia on the other hand, and the other two baltic countries Latvia and Lithuania definitely deserves a visit and are in my bucket list.


Germany is much like Denmark, but even cheaper. There are bus tours from all of southern Sweden to northern Germany just to buy alcohol. So a few trips like that has been a part of my earlier life. Mostly to Burg and once to the outskirts of Hamburg.

I have later on traveled to Berlin and had a layover in Bremen. Not my favorite cities. But there is so much more to see in Germany.

What’s the difference?

So what is the difference in my travels between then and now? When I wrote the above list I first thought that what I do now should not be so hard, but it still felt extremely hard in the beginning. But there is still a difference.

I never was really alone for any of those trips. I was either with family, or had a employer behind me, or was just planned day trips. That makes a lot difference, relaying only on myself, doing an planning everything by myself. It also what is making it so enjoyable when I got over the hump.

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